sâmbătă, 6 decembrie 2008


4 comentarii:

  1. Man keep on going up up (dar nu away) ci to the top ;);)

  2. Foarte tare, nu mai punem ca-l cunosc pe Depeche:).
    Foarte bine la capitolul lumina.

  3. that s right homies is just me against the world in this game... that s why y am tryn to stick proud and fatihfull until the end ..! one love for my true friends GOD BLESS YOU! you allways be in my heart homie if you stick with me in this sick world ... that s right life is a cruel fight until we dye and belive hapiness and joy will hug ass togeter in this town peace and one love for ya all alex your friend depp is the nickname from chil hodd we live in suburbia my friend KEEP UR SELF WAKE TO MAKE MONEY AND BRAKE HONEY`S :d cause we one of a kind girlfriends one love for ya all to peace out word up to my real friend adrian ho make s the world and people look beter then there real life peace to my brother ady take care bro keep the girl`s in good light so i can put them the real red light one love depeche...